I wanted to join the Boca Raton Museum’s Artist Guild. They have a gallery in Boca where they sell the works of members of their Guild. In 2017, I submitted 4 paintings to a panel of 5 Guild members to be judged. They said my painting were not saleable and I was rejected. I realized that they were right. I had been painting works to be displayed in a museum and not for sale to the general public. I decided to apply again in October, 2018. During my seventh year as an artist I concentrated on saleable paintings of flowers, puppies, butterflies, and all things fun to look at. THE FLOWER & BUTTERFLY SERIES is the results of these efforts. These paintings are in the REPRESENTATIONAL ART section because they are intended to evoke an emotion instead of tell a story. That emotion is pleasure.

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How many butterflies can you spot in each picture?
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I don’t know of any prominent artist who paints pictures specially for display in a nursery so I decided to create a new category ART FOR
CHILDREN. Each of the following paintings is accompanied by a story written to be read to, or by, children.
Click on the painting to read the story.

Allegoric Art tells a story. To read that story, click on the picture.


It is human nature to want to stand out from the crowd.
It’s what separates us from insects.
This series is about those “different” people.

These two paintings should be called “Before and After.”
Click on the pictures for the full story.

Up til this point, my BLUE ART has been innocuous, requiring some experience on the part of the viewer to understand what was going on.
Not so with my latest work, THE EXAM. It depicts a vaginal examination.
Not wishing to offend anyone, I made viewing optional.
If you want to see it, click BLUE ART on the bar above.
If not, scroll down to the PUZZLE PAGE.




Only the best and most experienced artists get it right the first time.
The rest of us try, try and try again.

The Acrylic Kiss is in the 80 to 85 section. I noticed that I had not painted her ear, so I decided to corrected the error. As I looked at the painting I became increasingly unhappy with the whole thing. I decided to repaint it, only this time in oil instead of acrylic.
Can you spot anything I did not change?

Compare your answers to those on the ANSWER PAGE.