Your purchase includes the painting and ready to hang Prose Panel with the following words:
Joe the Ladybug doesn’t like his name, as he will tell anyone who will listen:
“I’m not a lady and I’m not a bug.
Bugs feed on plants. I eat bugs like Aphids.
Farmers like me because Aphids damage their crops.
In fact that how people started calling us Ladybugs.
A long time ago, farmers were losing their crops to insects.
They prayed to the Virgin Mary to save them from famine.
My ancestors swarmed in and saved the day.
They named my ancestors Lady (after the Virgin Mary)
Birds (because birds eat bugs).
Obviously my ancestors were not birds, so folks started calling them Ladybugs.
Which is also silly because we’re actually beetles. And that’s what I am.
So the next time you see me — just call me Joe!”

JOE THE LADYBUG  Catalog No. 85B


Number 1 of a Limited Edition of 20 Replicas
H 12” X W 16”    Ready to hang
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