Edgar Degas painted the ballerina of the late 1800’s.  They were slender, graceful, wispy, feminine and French. Ballerinas of the 21st Century reflect American culture. They are muscular, determined, and ethnically diverse. Like Figgie (see BLUE ART Catalog 33) this  ballerina is a figment of my imagination. I didn’t want this painting to be about a particular dancer but rather about the concept of the modern ballerina.

Revised Modern Ballerina

Like any serious artist I strive to perfect my technical skills — each year trying to be better than the year before. Errors I never saw before jump off the canvas and I am compelled to correct them. I painted Modern Ballerina in my 4th year as a artist. Not one of my best. I revised and revised and revised it. I changed just about everything.
Can you find anything I did not change?

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