In the section 86 to 87, my 7th year as an Artist, I explained how I tried to join the Boca Raton Museum’s Artist Guild and was rejected because they said my art was not saleable, so I concentrated on painting things “saleable” (flowers, children’s art, etc.). In my 8th year as an artist, I again tried to join the Guild with the paintings: Bird-Of-Paradise, Contrary Leaf, Hibiscus Fairy and Magnolias. Again I was rejected.
This time they said I did not have a single, distinctive, identifying style.

Actually, I do have a distinctive style. As I explained back when I was 85, I am an Allegoric artist. Each of my paintings has a story. Problem is, I wasn’t allowed to display my story to the Guild. So starting this year my work will be identified as Painting & Prose. Each of my paintings will be accompanied by a story board.
The story will appear when you click on the painting.

A framed story board will be included with each purchase with two exceptions:
No story board for portraits.
If I have done my job, the portrait itself tells you all about that person.

Educational Art is intended as a tool for teachers and parents to be used as part
of their lesson.

All artwork comes framed and ready to hang. Free shipping and handling.

Representational Art is intended to evoke an emotion.

Allegoric Art tells a story. To read that story, click on the picture.


As explained in the 80 to 85 sectional, the Educational Art section
provides materials to assist teachers (and parents) teach basic art concepts.
These two paintings are examples of a COLLAGE.
A Collage is a painting composed of objects pasted onto the canvas.
Click on the paintings for the rest of the lesson.

If you Google “slang for breast” you will find some 20 pages of slang.
JUGS is among them.
JUGS Catalog 87 is actually not about sex but a depiction of my aging femininity.

BALLS Catalog 88 is the companion to JUGS. No explanation needed.

Not wishing to offend anyone, I made viewing of these paintings optional.
If you want to see either of them, click BLUE ART on the above bar.
If not, scroll down to the PUZZLE PAGE





Compare your answers to those on the ANSWER PAGE.

Three things were changed.
Can you identify the changes?