Self Portrait




You might be thinking, “Strange self portrait.  She doesn’t even show her face.  Looks like a weirdo to me.”  Probably, read on….

“I’ve been a lot of things in my long life: wife, mother, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Elder Law Attorney, writer of math books, legal books, children’s books and even a Gluten Free Cook Book — but I never was an artist until I turned 80.” At the age of 80, I Amelia Pohl, found myself with more time and energy than I knew to do with. I happened to pass by the Boca Raton Museum of Art School.        A sign said fall classes were about to start, so I signed up for a basic drawing class. Outside of elementary school, I never drew anything in my life. I was surprised to see how easily it all came to me. The teacher was also impressed. After the second class she “promoted” me to advanced status.

I thoroughly enjoyed the art experience and wanted to learn all I could as fast as I could.  I took a painting class and studied how to paint in oil and acrylics. After that I took a water color class, a life drawing class, a portrait class and an abstract art class. About three years into my artistic journey I realized that everything I produced (including my abstract art) was an allegory, i.e., the picture told a story or had a meaning other than what was shown in the picture.       I did not set out to be Allegoric Artist — it just happens to be who I am.

To me the story of each painting is obvious — almost an overstatement. I was surprised to discover that different people described my art in different ways. Like an allegory, not everyone gets the message and if they do, not necessarily the one I had in mind.  To read the story I intended, click on the painting.

I never sold an original painting. Not for a lack of buyers, but because each painting is integral to me. To sell an original would be like selling a piece of me. Still, I want to be recognized as a professional artist. In addition to explaining my art on this website, I want to sell my work — but only a limited number of replicas of each painting.  I will sell no more than 100 replicas of each painting. I have given directions to my heir that this limit is to be honored even in the event of my death. The original may be kept by my heir, or sold, or if I am a recognized artist — donated to a museum.

INITIAL PRICING: Shipping and handling is included in the price. Initial pricing is close to the cost of reproducing, packing and shipping.
SUBSEQUENT PRICING: After the initial pricing, each painting will be priced according to law of supply and demand.


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