Prices for the original painting are posted at the bottom of those originals that are for sale.  To purchase an original contact Amelia Pohl (see CONTACT above) to arrange to see the original at a local gallery.

Information about the painting and the price to purchase a replica from this website appears when you click on the painting. All replicas come ready to hang.  FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING.

Frankie's Mom

Frankie’s Mom    $25,000

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa    $30,000

Misty in Profile

Misty in Profile    $50,000


Hurting    $20,000

Hurting in Mixed Media

Self Portrait    $20,000

Maiden Portrait    $5,000

The Selfie    $5,000

Sleeping Boy    $25,000

Honeymoon    $20,000

Frankie and Frassi    $10,000

Figgie $10,000

Modern Ballerina    $15,000


My daughter Louise took a picture of my daughter Margot and her new born son Harold. I did not start my art journey till some 30 years after the picture was taken. When I had sufficient skills I painted the picture over and over again in different mediums and using a different approach for  each medium — a sort of artistic variation on a theme.

Graphite    $5,000

Pastel    $5,000

Water Color    $10,000

Oil    $5,000

Stephen Hawking    $15,000