This painting was a first for me both in composition and medium.
Medium: Usually I paint the canvas in acrylic, jut to be sure the colors work. Then I switch oil because acrylics generally darkens as they dry and it is s easier to work in oil. Not this canvas, I painted it all in acrylic using just 5 colors: Titanium White, Magenta, Australian Gum, Burnt Umber Light and Ultra Marine Blue.

Composition: Usually, I first draw my painting in pencil to serve as a guide, and then transfer it onto a canvas. Again a first for me. I painted each flower left to right until I was finished with the magnolias. The pink butterfly was planned from the beginning. The baby blue bird was an after thought, sparked by a comment from my sister Nancy. She said she thought one of the flowers looked like a bird. I realized that’s exactly what this picture needed.

MAGNOLIAS Catalog No. 64 D


Number 2 of a Limited Edition of 20 Replicas
H 15” X W 30”    Ready to hang