The astute observer will notice the low category number and wonder why this picture wasn’t published in the 80 – 85 section. Actually, I completed this in June of 2013. This was a fun picture to paint and I did it with such ease that I did not think it good enough to put on my web site. Over the years, paintings that I thought to be “good stuff” I later realized were technically wanting or just plain uninteresting. I also discovered that those paintings that come easy to me, are my favorites.

This is in the Allegoric section, so here’s the story:
Hockey was a big part of my Grandson’s life. In this picture Frankie is being checked. The puck is about to be taken by the opposing team. Frankie’s teammate in the background is saying “Oh no!!”

Number 2 of a Limited Edition of 100 Replicas of THE HOCKEY GAME Catalog No. 8 H 18” X W 24” $200


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